Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dourados and Manacaju

This month we have traveled to the Missionaries to conduct Presidents interviews with each Missionary.  We have traveled to every area where we have Missionaries.  We figure that 60% of our Missionaries we have to access by plane.  We rent a car then drive for hours.   We enjoy seeing out Missionaries in their areas, attending Branches and giving firesides.  It is a blessed experience to be with these faithful Saints!  
We have spent 14 days in the past 4 weeks out of the Mission Home.

 above - Elders in Manacaju
below - Elders in Dourados
 great things happening in these area's - Happy Elders working hard!
Elder Alexandre 
completes his Mission in a week!

Feeding the Monkeys 

Feeding the Monkeys in Dourados!   You can feed the monkeys here.  When you call them, literally the trees start to rustle and monkeys come from everywhere.   YES, monkeys really do eat bananas!  Here they will come right up and take the banana out of your hand!  What a fun experience.  

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sinop, Brazil

This park is in the center of town in Sinop -  It is amazing how friendly the animals are

Weekend in Sinop -  New District Presidency -  Lots of excitement here

Thursday, April 4, 2013

 above-Branch President's family
below- cute ladies in the Caceres Branch

Easter 2013 in Caceres Brazil

We were invited to their Branch Party - A fun day was had by all!  These people here are beautiful!  We love to come to their Branch.  Caceres is appx a 2 1/2 hr drive from Cuiaba
Interesting to note that people here do not own cars.  To go to the activity a Bus was used to Taxi everyone there and back (appx 100 people)

This Cute family was baptized in December.  The Father was helping with the cooking in the Kitchen.  This is a picture of the Mother with their youngest.  They are the parents of 3.  It is a beautiful family!

The man in the blue on the right is the father of the family that was baptized in December.  This family has a glow about them.  It is amazing how the light of the Gospel can change lives

Last P-Day Chapada Activity with our Departing Missionaries

 Looking back over Cuiaba and into a new future!

 Standing on the Center of South America

 Elder Souza! Just one of the Elders we will miss!

New Missionaries March 26, 2013

Receiving 11 New Missionaries March 26, 2013
4 from the Sao Paulo CTM, 7 from the Provo MTC - United States.

We Love receiving new Missionaries

New Missionaries welcomed by our AP's  Elders Olson and Lindon (above)

Welcome to our New Missionaries w/ President and Sister Reber
above - our CTM Missionaries
below - our Missionaries from the MTC
These were 7 of our Americans that have been waiting for their Visa's, all were reassigned to missions in the States.  We are so happy to be receiving them today!  We need all of our New Missionaries!

Departing Missionaries in March - We will miss these Elders!

 We have 8 Zones in our Mission - March was Zone Conference in all our Zones-  We had a great conference with good instruction. Practice Workshop and of course Sister Reber's instrutions on 'how to clean your house'!

 Celebrating Birthday March - May

Zone Activity