Saturday, October 25, 2014

Missionary Council Training 
with our Zone, District and Sister Leaders
The Training was an All Day Training, 9-6.  We begin promptly at 9 am, have a lunch for them, then the afternoon begins at 2 - 7 pm.  We finish with Pizza for dinner.  It makes for a long day but we were very pleased with it.  Some of things covered in this training was.  

How "to become" effective missionaries, Becoming a New Creature, 'Minha Familia"  My family booklet, The box of confidence, making Goals, teaching people teaching without fear, having a Desire 5 points of health, 5 lessons with powerImportance of planning, Area Book, Importance of Planningbeing an Example/Model, Defend the Right   

It is a process to put together our Training with our Leaders of the Mission.  For many of them it requires 3,5,8 or even 18 hr bus travel to arrive.  Still it is a great time to teach and train how to be effective missionaries.  They take this training back to their Districts and Zones and will teach them.  We are very proud of our the leaders of our Mission!

Leaders in the North

Leaders in the South

9 New Missionaries
We love receiving our new missionaires.  It is one of our favorite days.  This group came to us from Argentina, Peru and Brazil.  
We begin first taking them to lunch in a cafeteria that is close to the Church.  Then we take them thru an Orientation.  The Office Elders and Assistance do a great job.  Then our new missionaries of off to their new companions and areas.
Life is Good! 

Departing Missionaries
saying Good-bye to another group.   When our Missionaries depart we have lunch for them in the Mission Home, prepared by Sister Reber, then give them our last words of council as the begin their post Mission life!  They write their testimonies down and leave it with me!  We treasure our book of the testimonies of our missionaries.  These are our Mission sons and daughters.  We love each one of them and bidding farewell to them is not an easy task to do!  We miss them already!
l-r (back)Elders Bowers, Moraes, President and Sister Reber, Sisters Cuyubamba, Silva.
(in front knelling) Elders Miguel, Pinheiro , Beattie

Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 3, 2014 
Specialized Training with the Sisters
Had a great Special Training with just the Sister in our Mission.  We now have 38,  22 in the North and 15 in the South, and 1 corto prazo (short term).
The Theme was D&C 4:2 ..."see that you serve him with all your Heart, Might, Mind and Strength",... great day with our Sisters


Out with our Elders
October 2, 2014

São Mateus is a new Group.  There are a lot of families that live in this area of Cuiaba.  We have 4 Elders in this Area.  We went out with the Elders and did visits.  It was a great time with our Elders.  President and I went with Elder Neves and Elder Vieira.  They are both Brazilian.  Elder Neves just made this connection with one of the members.  It is pretty amazing! 
Elder Neves shared with us this story.  The Group Leader, his wife, is a RM and she served where Elder Neves is from (far left).  She was talking about a family that she baptized while serving her Mission. This was 20 years ago.  She brought out a photo and it was HIS family! In the photo was his grandparents, Mom and Dad, Aunt, Cousins, Sister.  So here 20 years after his family was baptized he is now serving where the Missionary that baptized his family is!  This is so amazing.  Talk about 'fruits of your labors', this is the perfect example!
 Elders Neves, Vieira, Zone Leaders, Watchman, Payne, Senior Couple Elder and Sister Harris, President and I, Sister Davis, Elders De Melo, Oliveira!  (Elder Davis, taking the picture)
Alta Floresta 
As we are traveling a lot in this Mission, we manage to enjoy the beauty of this Country especially the Inland part of Brazil here.

September 21, 2014
reorganized the Branch Presidency in Lucas
New Branch President is President Redinei

Welcome Sister Thedell!
We love her already!  
This Sister waited 12 months for her Visa and today we welcomed her to Cuiabá! 
meeting her at the airport
One of our favorite days is meeting our new missionaries.

 With her trainer Sister Santana

Friday, October 3, 2014


September 14, 2104 
Traveled to Corumba.  You need to Google it and see where it is.  It is very close to Bolivia.  Bolivia is only a few miles away.  The city of Corumba is in Brazil but the city is in the Bolivia Mission.  All the missionaries that serve there speak Spanish, not Portuguese.    Also all the supplies they receive are in Spanish, not Portuguese.   The Branch wants very much to be apart of a Brazil Mission.  The Area Presidency asked President and I to go there, asap, then report what we found there.  We flew to Campo Grande then drove to Corumba, about a 6 hr drive.  Part of the drive goes thru the Pantanal (the wet lands).  It was an awesome experience.  
 A lot of things are happening in this Country as far as Mission Work.  The Gospel is hastening here.  The Work expanding and the members are strong faithful members