Thursday, December 25, 2014

Missionary Leadership Training Council 
with the Zone and Sister Leaders in the South, 
Mato Grosso do Sul
December 9, 2014
It is always a good time to be with our Missionaries

Missionary Leadership Training Council
December 5, 2014 
with our Zone and Sister Leaders in the North 

Our New Missionaries
December 2, 2014
We welcomed 13 new missionaries today.  I love this day.  It is a favorite!
This is a great group!
 New Sister's with their Trainers
 New Elders with their Trainers
 This is Elder Bodily
He came from the States and missed the connecting flight to Cuiaba so came solo on a later flight

 Training with Sister Kleinhenz, Gonçalves and Harris
 Orientation with our New Missionaries

Monday, December 1, 2014

Missão Brasil Cuiabá
November 2014
This is what it is all about here.  Walking the dirt roads and talking to the people.
This is a great time to be a missionary!

Departing MIssionaries

Departing Missionaries
December 1, 2014

Saying good-bye to our missionaries is never easy!  We will miss them.  The Mission will miss them!  Their service here will always be remembered.  It is a treasured time that will never be forgotten and now they move forward to the next chapter of their lives.  
 l-r Elder Spencer, Kennington, Sister Wilcox, Elders Heidt, Duncan and Veira
Before our missionaries leave I have them write their testimonies and leave it with me.  I want to share part of one of the testimonies is a perfect expression of how missionaries feel when they leave the Mission. "I just wanted you to know that I loved my mission,  I loved it with all my heart,  it's indeed been the greatest 2 years of my life this far.  I would never ever trade these 2 years for anything.  They were the hardest more trying years of my life, but they were also the most joyful and wonderful years as well.  ....I love the Master and I know without any hesitation that He is my one and only Savior, I will always follow Him.  The Mission helped me to truly come to know the Master.  I love this glorious Gospel and I know that it is true...
 We love our Missionaries

Senior Couples
We have two Senior Couples who work in the Mission Office.  Elder and Sister Davis are from California and Elder and Sister Harris are from St. George, UT.  They have only been here since last June and August but they have hit the ground running and are making a tremendous contribution in the work here.  We also have Elder and Sister Romrell, from Salt Lake City,  also arrived in August and are serving in the District of Sorriso, Sinop and Lucas.  We love our Senior Couples.
Before our missionaries leave I have them write their testimonies and leave it with me.  I want to share part of one of the testimonies that perfect expresses how our missionaries feel when they leave the Mission.
November 27, 2014
 l-r Elder and Sister Davis, Elder and Sister Harris and Sister and President Reber 

Elder and Sister Romrell
Thanksgiving 2014  
This is our 3rd Thanksgiving here.  Thanksgiving is not a holiday here.  We have never celebrated but we have 2 Senior Couples now.  We invited them over to the Mission Home and had a Turkey Dinner w/ mashed potatoes.  It was a wonderful evening together. 
November 24, 2014 
This was the perfect P-Day
We were invited to go to this Fazenda and spend the day .  A Fazenda is what they call their Cabin.  The Fazenda's here are beautiful.  This one was amazing.  It had a pond, geese, ducks, goats, tucauns, monkeys, capybaras, chickens.  It was right on the Cuiabâ River.  We had 3 of our Office Elders with us plus the 2 Senior Couples Elder and Sister Davis and Elder and Sister Harris and Edson.
The Elder caught 3 chickens, killed, plucked and we cooked the chickens.  For them, this was the first time to do something like this and to be honest, it was the first time for me however for Sister Harris, she was the Pro.  She showed us all how to pluck and gut a chicken.  While the chicken was cooking we made mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet Sweet Potatoes, fruit salad ending with Apple and Pumpkin Pie. The perfect Thanksgiving Dinner. The food was mostly made by the Senior Couples and it was delicious.  The weather, company and food was perfect!  It was just a fun fun P-Day

Feliz Natal
Merry Christmas is the name of this small town!
 This member family lives in this small town. 
Great people too!
Andre and Juliana da Silva

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Raining Season here is beautiful.  The colors are vibrant.  The green is more green and the blue is more blue.  Whether it is hot or hotter, the raining season is my favorite season! 
November 2014ä