Friday, September 26, 2014

São Mateus

São Mateus! 
This is a new group just outside of Cuiabá!
their first Sunday
September 14, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another good-bye but not forgotten

Elder Linton
This Elder has left a significant mark in his Leadership and Example in the Mission.  
This Mission will miss him!

Breakfast in the Mission Home

We love our Mission Staff in the Office.  We have added 2 Senior Couples.  With our new couples, 2 Elders, and our 2 Assistances (North) we have a great staff!   The last few weeks have been a marathon with the Mission Tour and Transfer week.  They put in long days and many hours.  We surprised them with a Breakfast in the Mission Home!  This is a Mission that is working hard.  
This Office Staff represents ALL the Missionaries who are serving in this Mission.  We are very proud of each one of them!

New Missionaries

Welcome to 16 new Missionaries
Great Group and we are happy to have them in this Mission

We love to go to the airport, watch our new missionaries deboard that plane and greet them outside of the Baggage claim.  They bring a breath of excitement!  
It is one of our favorite days
 After the airport we go to the Mission Office.  
We eat lunch and go thru an orientation with them. 
The new missionaries receive their 1st area assignment and meet their trainers (1st companions)  Some will find that they start serving in Cuiaba.  Others find out they have another all night bus right to a far away city!
They learn right away that they need the Lord daily in the work here!
Our Office Staff runs the Orientation and they do a fantastic job

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Departing Missionaries

Departing Missionary's
September 8, 2014

Last day in the Mission for these 2.  
Good-bye but never forgotten!
Elder Carter and Sister Puckett leave for home

Stake Conference experience

Want to share an experience from a Stake Conference  August 31, 2014
Don't share a lot of experiences on our blog but choosing to share this experience from a recent Stake Conference in Campo Grande.  It was a powerful experience that will not soon be forgotten

President and I were invited to attend a Stake Conference in Campo Grande.  The invitation from the President Costa who is our Area President.  Campo Grande in the South of our Mission in Mato Grosso do Sul.  We access by Air Travel.  Sitting comfortably on the Stand, Saturday evening session,  President Costa while speaking asked President Reber and President Borba (Stake President) to join him at the pulpit.   These two men hold all the keys to Finding, Teaching in the Mission Work.   He then invited the two men to find someone for the Missionaries to teach then return in 20 minutes to report.  The 2 men left the building. They invited the Lord to help them in their finding.  It was 8:30 pm and dark outside.  The street was quiet.    Looking up and down the street there was no one out.  The first door they knocked on they were rejected.  They then noticed lights down the street.  They knocked on the door.  Introducing themselves they asked, pointing to the building across the street and said we were representative from that church and ask if she had ever visited or knew anything about the church.  She said "no, I do not, but my brother in law Riscardo who lives in Aquidauana joined your church last year and what your church has done to bless his life is remarkable. I said is Riscardo the gentleman who has the 2 little boys and his wife passed away 2 year ago. I know him very well and in fact I have met your mother in law who has been out to help him with the 2 boys.   She replied "yes, Your church has been a great blessing for him at this difficult time and you are going to have an important meeting in your church tomorrow arent you?  Riscardo is coming for your meeting and having lunch with us after the meeting".   We explained that it was a conference where many members of the church would gather to be instructed on how to better live their lives to be worthy of blessings and guideline from the Lord."  I then said "Pres. Borba and I just a few minutes ago offered a quiet prayer asking the Lord to direct us to someone who would be receptive to receive a message from 2 missionaries just like the ones who taught your brother in law.  We believe the Lord has guided us to your house, would you allow missionaries to come to your home to leave an important message with you and your family?"  "We would love to have them come by and give us a message she replied with a sweet smile on her face."    We quickly got all the contact information and set a date and quickly return to the conference well within the 20 minutes allotted us. As we entered the building Pres. Costa who was still giving his talk simply stepped away from the pulpit and said "tell us who you found tonight for the missionaries to teach the gospel".  We shared our experience with the congregation. It was a powerful experience!  Miracles happen when we invited the Spirit of Lord to help and guide us.  The Spirit is a powerful companion!  

Campo Verde

Campo Verde

Monday, September 8, 2014

English School

 September 5, 2014
These kids are learning English.  Many have studied for 5-7 years.  They invited us to go to Lunch with them.  Their homework was that they could only speak English.  Was very impressed as many of them were speaking very good!  Great group of students.  We enjoyed our time with them.   
We wondered where we were going for lunch...not surprised, it was McDonald's! 
Big Mac's, fries and Mcflurry's are a favorite here

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mission Tour 
September 2 & 3.
Area Seventy Authority Elder and Sister Campos 

First we do the Tour in North -  Cuiaba
Then fly to the South - Campo Grande

 Celebrated Birthday August - November!  
Happy Birthday to our Missionaries
Parabéns, Feliz Aniversário

Friday, September 5, 2014

Birthday Celebrations
 August is always a celebration of our Birthday's. 
Presidente's on the 23rd and mine on the 26th! 
This is our 3rd year celebrating in Brazil!  The years are starting to add up.
Can not believe I am 60! and President 61! 
It is great to celebrate!
This year we celebrated a few days early with our 2 sons and daughter-in-law,  Stephen and Lauren and Dallen!  Alici is like a daughter to us as well.  She helps us in the Mission Home!

family in Cuiaba

 Family in Cuiaba
Son Stephen,his wife Lauren and our youngest son Dallen came to Cuiaba for a week
It was a wonderful time with our children.   They were able to see a lot of our Mission here plus some sights of beautiful Brazil!  We talked, laughed, cried, sang, ate, drove, hiked, and shared testimony together!  It was a great time with these 3
 family in Cuiaba
 We love our Brazilian friends and sharing our family with them! 
below,Thãnya, Jarrett and Rebecca
So great to have these 3 in the backseat of our car
 Enjoying beautiful Brazil at the Chapadas

 Good food
 My boys! 
 The Mission Office
We love our Missionary family

with Alici

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Welcome Senior Couples 
August 26, 2014  
After waiting nearly 12 months for their Visa's these two Senior Couples arrived in Cuiaba.  We have been anticipating their coming for the past year so it was a dream to see them finally walk off the plane here.  
Welcome Elder and Sister Romrell, and, Elder and Sister Harris !
Making them all Legal here, working out cell phones, cars and going thru an orientation has been a busy busy week here.  Nothing is easy or quick, just a process!  
It is all good - We have a wonderful office who helps get it all done!  
l-r  Elder and Sister Harris, us, Sister and Elder Romrell

New Missionaries!
August 20, 2014
We love receiving New Missionaries.  These two arrive mid-transfer from the US.  Elder Jensen waited 11 months for his Visa,  Sister Wilcox 13 months!  The good news is they are in Cuiaba!