Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mission News 
The embracing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in new cities 
It is a great time to be a Missionary in Brazil

Prima Vera 
Opened this city with 2 families a year ago in 2013.  It has now grown to over 40 members.  We have just made application to make it Group a Branch.  It is very exciting to see the Church Grow.  The Gospel is moving forward in Brazil

It began with these 2 families - a Group 
February 2013

this Group rented a bus to attend the District Conference in Rondonopolis a 2 hr Bus Drive
These are amazing Members and Gospel Loving people! 
a year later 2/2014


This family from Primavera went to the Temple
This is what it's all about - Getting families to the Temple

Primavera becomes a Branch
 June 8, 2014 

Miranda Brazil
March 2014 

Someday we would like to Open this City sending Missionaries.  
It is in the State of MT do Sul.
This is a little family that we found there.  
It is a great time to be a Missionary in Brazil!

2 Missionaries from Aquidauana met us there. 
I love seeing these white shirts walking down the street
The roads here are dirt roads.  Only the primary roads are paved

also in the State of  MT do Sul
June 2014
It is about a 30 min drive outside of Campo Grande.  We are putting Missionaires there and have found a house  
May 2014
Began with this little family

Lucas Brazil 
In the State of MT
 In Lucas, there is just a small Branch.  When we have attended there has maybe been 30-35 members that attend.  Since the Training that President has been doing with the Branch Leadership on having Ward Councils #'s have started climbing.  We attended the Branch last weekAttendance was 115!  It is just amazing what is starting to happen here.  We can hardly contain ourselves!  
We just received word that the Church is looking for property to build a Church in Lucas.  The small Branch here is now a thriving, growing, and large Branch and the members are excited.

We visited Terenos and the Group had 34 in attendance to the Sacrament meeting.  It was a great day!

Campo Verde

This family moved to Campo Verde from Rondonia!  Strong member helping us grow the church there! 

First Baptism in Campo Verde was this Woman.  She is the Grandmother to the ym next to her who was the first baptism in Prima Vera when we Opened that city up to the Church and Missionaries over a year ago.  President and I had the opportunity of being present to the Baptism of this ym last year. 
Great things are happening here!

In 3 months later we attended the Group Meeting in Campo Verde

 The da Silva family living in Campo Verde

Alta Florest 
We Opened this City with the Paulo and Elizete do Santos family.   
The Picture above is one of the 1st Group meetings.  Attendance was 15.

Up date on Alta Floresta 6/20/2014 attendance was 45!


Fatima do Sul

another City in Mao Grosso that we just Opened
1st Baptisms - 2
the youngboy in the middle  

The girl in front with the pink shirt.


Sunday with the Group in Fatima do Sul.
This Group started a month ago with this family of 5.  Today, June 29, 2014, 36 were in the Sacrament Group meeting!  We had support from the Stake in Campo Grande but also about 10 of the 36 were Investigators or less actives wanting to become Active again.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Missionary

This Missionary arrived solo from the USA.  He waited for his Visa for 11 months.  It is great to have Elder Blalock here!  Welcome to Brazil!  July 8, 2014

 With his trainer Elder Moody