Friday, May 30, 2014

Office Elders

Our Office Elders and AP's of the North

We love each one of our Missionaries.  Here we have l-r
Elder Leão the Executive Secretary - He literally takes care of President and Sister Reber.  Our travels, transfers. and more come across his desk
Elder Bonaro is the Finance Secretary -  He does everything dealing with the funds of the Mission
Elder J. Batista and Elder Beattie are the Assistance in the North part of the Mission.  They are an extention of the President doing Divisition and trainings with ZL etc.
Our Leaders in the the Mission are so great!  So proud of them all! 
more pictures of our new Missionaries

New Missionaries

New Missionaries

receiving for the first time in 2 years a Senior Couple,  Elder and Sister Davis
We love our new Missionaries! 

District Leader Training

Specialized Training with just our District Leaders and Sister Leaders.  
It was an all day training beginning at 9am - 7 pm!
A day a great training with our Leaders in this Mission! 
After the training we enjoyed some food together

 South part of the Mission

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Walking Mission

This is a WALKING Mission
The mode of transporation is the feet of the Missionaries.  
They put many miles a day on their feet 
use the Bus systems, when and where they are available!

Ingrown toenails, Blisters  are quite common to our Missionaries.

Other infections

and Bites are endured.  
They perservere thru the pain and discomfort

Friday, May 16, 2014

Fortunate that we have 4 AP's.
We depend on them greatly for their Leadership and Training of all the Missionaries!
One dupla covers the North part of the Mission, MT in Cuiabá,
The other covers the South in the Mission, Campo Grande
 MT do Sul 

Elder J. Batista was added to our Assistance.  

Elder Beattie and Elder Rolim- Assistances in the North

February 2014
Assistance in the South - They were riding in the car with us to ZC
Elder Moraes and Elder Miguel

Zone Meetings and training by Zone Leaders

with the Sisters in the Cuiaba and Varzea Grande Zones 
April 28, 2014

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Each Transfer I meet with the Sister Leaders in the North Part of the Mission
 Lunch with the Sister Leaders in the North and yes!  It is McDonald's here that is a treat to go for lunch!

 District Conference in Sinop - 

April 2014

District Conference with the Members in Sinop, Sorriso and Lucas.  The 3 cities on in the MT and each is about an hr drive from eachother.  We have 1 District Conference a year with our Districts.  That is different than the 2 Stake Conferences that are held in Stakes.  This year we held the Conference in Sinop which would be a 2 hr bus ride for our member in Lucas, the furtherest city.  They chartered a bus to come at their own expense.   When loading the bus there was not room on the bus, for everyone that wanted to come to the Conference so the Mission paid for an extra Van.  It is amazing to me the sacrifices that people make to do things and attend meetings, trainings and Conferences. 

 The Building for the District Conference is a rented building.  I took this as people were file in.  It was a full house when it began.

 This girls name is Barbara.  She will always come up and ask me "Do you remember me"  Truthfully, I will never forget her.  She is 11 years old and can not wait until she is in YW.  Her goal is to serve a mission someday.  These people inspire me everyday
 a group of youth

 Missionaries at the Conference
The Chartered Bus from Lucas