Wednesday, May 7, 2014

 District Conference in Sinop - 

April 2014

District Conference with the Members in Sinop, Sorriso and Lucas.  The 3 cities on in the MT and each is about an hr drive from eachother.  We have 1 District Conference a year with our Districts.  That is different than the 2 Stake Conferences that are held in Stakes.  This year we held the Conference in Sinop which would be a 2 hr bus ride for our member in Lucas, the furtherest city.  They chartered a bus to come at their own expense.   When loading the bus there was not room on the bus, for everyone that wanted to come to the Conference so the Mission paid for an extra Van.  It is amazing to me the sacrifices that people make to do things and attend meetings, trainings and Conferences. 

 The Building for the District Conference is a rented building.  I took this as people were file in.  It was a full house when it began.

 This girls name is Barbara.  She will always come up and ask me "Do you remember me"  Truthfully, I will never forget her.  She is 11 years old and can not wait until she is in YW.  Her goal is to serve a mission someday.  These people inspire me everyday
 a group of youth

 Missionaries at the Conference
The Chartered Bus from Lucas

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