Friday, November 22, 2013

 A Great time

Interviews with our Missionaries is an awesome time.  President enjoys his 1 on 1 with each Missionaries.  I enjoy it too.  We love each and everyone!
 Primavera - above
Rondonopolis - below

Friday, November 15, 2013

Had a fun evening with the Oleiva's.  There daughter from the States was here visiting.  I told her to bring some tortillias and I would make them tacos.  So we did one night and we all had fun eating taco's.  President and Sister Oleivra have helps us so much in MT do Sul.  He is a great strength in the Mission Presidency.   We Love this family! 

Out to eat with President Barbosa - Distrist President of the District in Rondonopolis.  We love this family!   They want and yearn for the day that they will be large enough to be a Stake!  Some, no doubt it will happen, just don't know when.  So the Missionaries work everyday to find those whose hearts are prepared.
We love this District Presidents family, they have 3 children and talk about the missions they will serve.  It is a treasure to make the 5 hr drive to be with these wonderful people.  Just love their testimonies
funny custom they have here how they eat their pizza.  They squirt Mayo, Ketch and Mustard on the top of their pizza.  A little strange, these Brazilian can be sometimes
Packages and letters from Home - their face tells the story

Friday, November 1, 2013

P-Day with the Sisters

P-Day Activity with the Sisters 

October 28, 2013

Spending a P-Day with the Sisters.  These Sisters are in Cuiaba so it made it possible to do.  We took them to the Chapadas, which is about 1 1/2 hr drive from Cuiaba.  These are 8 of the 24 Sisters in our Mission and they are all Great!  We Love each one of them!  We had promised them last August and we finally made it happen today!  It even rained on us on the way home.   We had a fun time with these 8!

Sister Carvalho is awesome.  She is one of our Sister Leaders.  
She is already planning a Mission Reunion.  She wants to be in charge.

President - Looking ahead to the Future of the Church here!  It is exciting to be apart of the Church Growth here!  Looking over Cuiaba
 Hallelujah jump
 Center of South America