Friday, October 3, 2014


September 14, 2104 
Traveled to Corumba.  You need to Google it and see where it is.  It is very close to Bolivia.  Bolivia is only a few miles away.  The city of Corumba is in Brazil but the city is in the Bolivia Mission.  All the missionaries that serve there speak Spanish, not Portuguese.    Also all the supplies they receive are in Spanish, not Portuguese.   The Branch wants very much to be apart of a Brazil Mission.  The Area Presidency asked President and I to go there, asap, then report what we found there.  We flew to Campo Grande then drove to Corumba, about a 6 hr drive.  Part of the drive goes thru the Pantanal (the wet lands).  It was an awesome experience.  
 A lot of things are happening in this Country as far as Mission Work.  The Gospel is hastening here.  The Work expanding and the members are strong faithful members


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