Monday, October 29, 2012


 In Vilhena, population 100,000. The city is spread out.  There are many outline areas that Missionaries just can't get to because of the walking distance.  The strongest Branch who's membership is growing, thriving and strong found out that the building( a rented building) they meet in, they will have to move out of.  We have struggled because to move them to the church where Branch 2 meets would work but the distance would be so taxing on the membership.  I kept telling Dad,  you can not combine the Branches, it will kill the center of strength there.  This probably will not be making sense to you but last night Dad said he couldn't go to sleep, worried about what to do with the Branch.  Today was the last Sunday in their building.  They were all so sad, not knowing what would happen and fearing that they will have to find a way to travel to the other side of town to the other building.  I don't know how to exactly explain what happened today but we got approval to dissolve the District there making it under the Direct leadership of the Mission.  If it's a Branch in a District, it is in a Stake.  If it is a Branch that isn't in a District, it is in the Mission.  Dad had put in that application a month ago to dissolve the District which would mean the Branches are part of the Mission.  He got on the phone today after church with his Area contact person.  Long story short! The application was approved and the District dissolved.  That makes the Mission President able to make some decisions for areas quicker.  So the good news is  this Branch is going to be able to rent another building close in their area.  When Presidente called the Branch President, the man was jumping up an down with excitement over the phone!  "He said,  You are not going to believe what an answer to prayer this phone call is".  Today he said "I told my Branch of about 70 members that we needed to exercise our Faith together and that a way would be provided!   We are so excited over here.  It is truly a miracle and the faith of the sweet, humble members in this city of Vilhena.  The Lord is mindful of all people in whatsoever land they live in.  I have read that over and over in the Book of Mormon.  I know that it is soooo True.  Even though this is a small, it also says in the Book of Mormon "by small and simple things - Great things come to pass"!    I am so grateful for this experience.   It is just another 'tender mercy' that the Lord knows!  He brings to our minds quiet thoughts and solutions.  If we listen, we can help the work.

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