Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Aquidauana Brazil

Picture with Branch members in Aquidauana, Brazil. October 29, 2012
We drove from Campo Grande to Aquidauana.   It is in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul and about a 2 hr drive from Campo Grande.  The road was good (so grateful for) and the countryside beautiful.  We saw 3 Arara's flying together.  They were blue and the Blue ones are the most rare to see.   You always see them flying in pairs but today we saw 3.  That is also rare.  We attended Sacrament meeting in a little Branch in Aqudauana.  Presidente Reber spoke and I had the privilege of bearing my testimony.   I played the organ there.  They told me that no one had played it for a long time.  Wow, it was a challenge.  I open to the hymn #.    It is tricky trying to figure out what hymn it is, the rhythm and tempo.
 The AP's, Traveling Trainers were also with us.  With the 4 Elders there and the 6 of us, there were quite a few of us.  Everyone wanted to know why so many visitors.  They of course love that we were there.  Attendance in this small Branch was about 50 but that included 8 visitors.   The temperature was about 100 degrees.   With the humidity it was very hot in the Chapel area.  They had ceiling fans. We are grateful for small things.

After Sacrament meeting they cooked us dinner in the church kitchen.  Someone brings a pot of rice, Potato Salad and they cooked the meat in what looked like a big Wok.  The meat was cut up into thin strips so it cooked up pretty fast.  It is a simple meal that feeds a lot.   The Brazilian people are so gracious.  I Love the People the most!

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