Friday, December 21, 2012


Primavera - is a beautiful city of about 80,000.
There is no Branch or Ward the but we found some members 
living there and President received permission to organize a Group
A Group is smaller than a Branch.
We attended the Group there and is was a wonderful experience.
After - we attended a baptism.  Because there is no font the Baptism was done at a near by river.
The water was so cold but the Spirit was so warm.
The membership in the church there is growing fast here.

This sweet lady is the Sister who prayed for the Church to come to Primeravera.  The Group meeting is held in their home outside in the back yard.
The family is below.   Her husband saw the Elders on the Street one day.   We didn't have Elders in this city but for one day they went with the District President to this city.   The lady's husband saw them and chased after them.  This began the process of finding out there are members of the church in Primavera and the process of organizing a Group in Primavera.  As is grows we hope to have a strong Branch there.

River where the Baptism was performed

The man on the left is President Barbosa.  This area is a District.  President Barbosa is the District President.  A District functions under the Direction of the Mission.  The Mission President functions as the Stake President.  The man on the Right was called this weekend to be the Group Leader.
These sweet ladies fixed us some lunch after the Baptism
This man is a Branch President who is from Rondonopolis.  He is with his daughter
We traveled home with 7.  Because we had to put up the 3rd seat, it left very little room for luggage.  We were packed in tight but it all worked.

The yellow house is the house of the family.  It is where the Group meets every Sunday.

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