Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cuiaba and Manaus Missions

 Two Missions Together

Two Mission, Two Mission Presidents, Two brothers together! 

A Highlight in March 2013 was the realigning of Mission Boundaries. Cuiaba and Manaus Missions together!   Ji-Parana and Vilhena in the State of Rondonia was put into the Manaus Mission.  This is preparatory for the division in the Manaus Mission.  We had the Cuiaba  and Manaus Missionaries together for 2 weeks.  
t was a great experience being apart of this History of the Church in Brazil.  
There are two Brothers - Elder Laws.  One serving in Manaus and one serving in Cuiaba.  They served together as companions for these two weeks.  Awesome to witness! 

This is one of the Branch Presidents in Vilhena.  His wife just had a baby (5 days).  We went to their house to congratulate

 Ji-Parana - Two Missions, Two Mission Presidents and Missionaries from two Mission's together for two weeks

 with President and Sister Klein of the Manaus Mission - We love these two!  The four of us traveled together from Vilhena to Ji-Parana.  It should have been a 4 hr drive but the road conditions are not good and we made it in 6 hrs.   It was a fun drive together!
members of the 2 branches in Vilhena

Vilhena Branch - the overlapping of two Missions

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