Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Zone Conferences

 Practice Workshops
 We love our Sisters

 More Practice Workshops where the Missionaries role play with eachother

Zone Conference 

We love this time with our Missionaries.  There is a lot of preparation that goes into each conference.    We do 2 Zones at a time.  This week we covered the North part of Mission.  To give you a little idea of what we do in our Conference.  Missionaries are given assignments from Scripture, PMG and Missionary handbook.   Sister Reber gives remarks, Zone Leaders report on their Zones.  President Reber gives remarks.  AP's do a training.  Break for a nice Lunch.  The afternoon starts with celebration of Birthday's, a segment on Health and activity with Sis. Reber.  We do a lot of role play and practice during this time.  President goes over the Mission Reports and closes the conference.  It is a fun time with our Missionaries too.
To date we have 134 Missionaries, 23 Sisters and 111 Elders.  Currently we have 20+ Missionaries in the States serving in other missions waiting for their Visa's.  We have Missionaries from Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Paraguary, Brazil and the US!  We love each one of them!  This is a Great Mission!

Zones in Cuiaba, Sinop, Sorriso, Lucas

 Varsea Grande, Rondonopolis and Caceres

 This group are Elders who have served in the office the last year.

 We love our Sisters!

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