Monday, December 9, 2013

Mission Presidents Seminar

This couple is a New Mission President -  Sat down for our lunch today at the mission presidents seminar.  We started to visit with one of the new mission presidents.  She said to Keith " you look familiar to me" and ask "did you ever serve in Porto Alegre"? They are from Porto Alegre.  Her eyes got as big as apples when Keith replied yes. Keith inquired if they knew the Delvaux's. Bishop Nelson Delvaux was the bishop of the PA 2nd ward when he was a missionary. "He is my father" she replied.  I told her that I spent Christmas 1973 in their home.  She is a sister to Alexandra Delvaux who is Dave Foot's Father in law.  How fun was that to reminisce with her!

In front of the Sao Paulo Temple.
Out of the 34 Mission's in Brazil there are 5 Presidents that are American plus the MTC President in Sao Paulo.  We will be friends for life.  Love each one of these couples dearly! 

President and Sister Wright of the Porte Alegra North Mission

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