Friday, May 22, 2015

Visitors in Cuiabá
April 24 - 26 2015
Things were a buzz here in our Mission with the Visit of the following General Authorities!  We felt very honored to have them here in our Mission.
Elder and Sister Christofferson - the Twelve
Elder and Sister Clayton Presidency of the Seventy's
Elder and Sister Caussé - Presiding Bishopric
President and Sister Costa - Area President
President and Sister Mazzagarti - Area Presidency
Elder Leal - Seventy 
Saturday morning was a morning fireside with missionaries in the North of the Mission.  
About 65 missionaries were able to be here and it was a great time of instruction with an Apostle and other Leaders of the Church.
Elder Christofferson allowed some time for the missionaries to ask a few questions.  One question I remember that was asked was "What can we do to be better missionaries?"
I will never forget what Elder Christoffersen said.  "More Faith and Greater Obediance".
He also explained that these two principles work together.  The greater the Faith, the greater the desire to be more Obediant!  It is a simple concept and very true.
Our Heavenly Father in John 14:15 tells us "If ye love me "Keep my Commandments"!  
Love, Faith, Obediance
What amazing Council from an Apostle of the Lord!

Saturday evening 3 Firesides were held here in Cuiabá.  Each Authority was assigned to one of the building.  President Reber and I had the privilege to escort Elder and Sister Caussé.  
With Elder and Sister Caussé.  The sister in the middle is the translator for Sister Caussé.  Her name was Debora Castellano.  It was great to spend time together. 
During the Priesthood Leadership Training.  The Sisters visited some of the less active members here.  Sister Caussé and I did visits together and visited this mother and 2 daughters,Joyse (pronounced) (Joycee) and Deyse (pronounced Daisy). We had an awesome visit  and invited them to the Fireside and Conference the next day.  They came and it was a joyful experience.
Sister Caussé,  Sister Reber and Debora who was the translator for Sister Caussé.  Debora, the translator told me my Portuguese was 'cute'!  Maybe that is a kind was to call my language skills here basic and simple.  It is all Good! 
I asked Sister Caussé at the end of their visit what she thought of Cuiabá?  Her comment was very nice and sincere in her French accent  " are in the middle of nowhere?"..."I didn't even know where Cuiabá was".  It is so cute to get to know her.
Wonderful Spirit in here in Cuiabá.


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