Saturday, June 29, 2013

Elder Weiss

The Lord does watch over us.  This experience was a Miracle in our Mission.
We received a phone call that Elder Weiss had a Stroke and was in the hospital 15 hours from us.
We called his parents who were imediately making plans to fly.  President and I were also making flight arrangements to get to Sorriso as soon as possible.   We received a phone call from Bro and Sis Weiss (parents). that they could not get seats on the flight from Cuiaba to Sorriso.  We called the Church.  20 minutes later by a small miracle, we don't know how, but they were able to get seats on the plane to Sorriso (there is only 1 flight a day that flies there).  We landed in Sinop then had an 1 drive to Sorriso.  As we enter this small hospital room there were the other 3 missionaries who all lived in the same house.  They had spent the night at the hospital.  It was an emotional reunion as Elder Weiss saw his parents.  I will never forget.  Elder Weiss was paralyzed on the left side of his body.  He could not swallow or move his limbs.  It was very serious.  We knew is was critical that we begin making arrangement to Transfer Elder Weiss to Sao Paulo where his Medical care would be the best.  We were worried as we did not know how many days that would take.   Paper work in Brazil is a long process, and hoping all the Doctors here would release him to be transferred.  Another miracle,  within 12 hrs of us arriving in Sorriso,  Elder Weiss was on his way to Sao Paulo.  With the help of the Church Doctor in Sao Paulo, Dr. Avila, the transfer paper work was completed.  His parents were able to fly in a Private Plane that the church sent to pick up Elder Weiss and his parents. 
We know that the Lord was mindful of us and many miracles happened that day!  The story continues below.....keep reading......
President Reber received 71 calls on his phone
The hospital in Sorriso

Private plane waiting for Elder Weiss at the airport in Sinop
An experience we hope to never go thru again.  Putting one of our missionaries in an ambulance
Bro and Sis. Weiss.  Parents of Elder Weiss.  They are wonderful people

Airport in Sinop
The Miracle continues.  We had a Mission Fast and Prayed for Elder Weiss on Sunday June 2nd.  Our AP's notified all the Missionaries about this day to unite our Fast and Prayers.  Elder Weiss and his parents were not aware of our Mission Fast.  One June 4th  Presidents received an email from Elder Weiss (via his Mom), that he was happy that he was now able to swallow however could not move his limbs still.  On June 8th  we received a phone call from Dr. Avila (Church Doctor who had helped us so much).  He said "President,  I am so happy to call you.  I have some news that will make you so happy.  Elder Weiss has made significant progress that he is walking!  His family, friends and doctor,  of course, not aware of the Mission Fast and Prayers that have been offered for Elder Weiss.   President Reber told Dr. Avila about our Mission Fast and Dr. Avila said "that is very interesting".  Medically there is no explanation of how his recovery could make so much progress in such a short amount of time (days).  The Doctors had prepared him for a 6 mo to 1 yr with him in Physical Therapy.  The Doctors are releasing Elder Weiss and say that he can finish his Physical Therapy at a hospital close to his home.   The Lord does answer prayer.  Elder Weiss continues his Physical Therapy everyday but his movement in his limbs is returning.  This has been an incredible experience that happen in this mission!  Good for the Missionaries here to know that the Lord knows!   He Hears and answers Prayers!  He is blessing our Cuiaba Mission!  Our Missionaries are becoming stronger going thru this experience.

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