Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spending a day on the Pantanal with the Degn's.   We discovered that the beauty of Brazil is in the Pantanal!  Enjoyed a Boat tour, the wild life and a morning hike with the monkeys! 

 This man was our Guide.  We got to be friends and left him with a Book of Mormon.  Even on a day vacation we are always spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ
 The Degn's are celebrating 46 years together - TODAY - June 8th

 Our Boat ride down the Pantanal.  The Pantanal is the National Park of Brazil.  It is the Jungles of Brazil.  Here we saw about 100 species of Birds, Alligators, and wild life.  Even saw a iguana peak out from a tree.   Enjoyed the beauty of the Jungle and sunset that day

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