Saturday, July 20, 2013

 The Branch invited us for Lunch Saturday Afternoon.  We had just arrived into this little town.  The man in the stripe shirt and his wife in red, next to him, cooked us the Lunch.  They are recent members of the Church.  The wife had seen the Elders on the street and commented to her husband.  I want to learn about what they teach.  A few days later while knocking doors the Elders were directed to knock on their door.  They invited them in.  They made the comment that 'it was the best thing to ever happen to them, finding the Gospel of Jesus Christ".  They have 2 little girls.
 We love this family!  I've become sweet friends with the woman in the red striped shirt.  Her name is Edylaine
 These two sisters did all the cooking.  Even cooked us up some Alligator meat!  Sister in Blue is Edylaine and the Sister in Red is a newly convert.  She is a sweet sweet lady!   They are both Beautiful!
 This family has a sweet story.  Last December we attended this Branch Christmas Party.  This family attended as investigators.  The Parents were baptized in February.  Today their oldest children turned 8 years old and was baptized by her father.  What an awesome journey with them.  After Sacrament meeting and just before the baptism the Elders approached me and asked if I would give a few remarks to welcome her into the Church.  I said 'sure' and took a deep swallow.  I usually always have time to write down my remarks but today was a stretch for me.   It was good experience for me as well as the rest,  Special baptism, Special girl, Special family, Special time
 Cute Sisters in the Branch.  The one in the Center is Murelye
 Elders in Caceres with our son Elder Reber (cntr).  Branch members in front
YW in the Caceres Branch.  The girl in the middle was baptized.  Her name was Stephanie

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