Friday, July 5, 2013

The Baptism of Clovis

This man has an incredible story!  These two Elder's had been praying to teach and baptize a man!  They were teaching a man that they thought would be baptized but he didn't progress.  Discouraged the Elders were going to Church the next Sunday.  Clovis was standing outside the Church Building.  Seeing the Elders coming, he asked,  "Can anyone attend your Church".  The Elder's replied "Of Course and invited him in.  It was a Fast and Testimony Meeting.  Clovis listened to 3 testimonies and then he went to the front.  He said how he was looking for the True Church and today he found it.  He had the lessons that week and was baptized a week later.  The Lord really does prepare hearts.  We are feeling it in Cuiaba!  

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