Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Birthday's

Happy Birthday's to us



President and I celebrate our Birthday's only 3 days apart - It is always double the fun, food and attention.  It was a party all week!  These people know how to celebrate and love to do it.  For Presidents Birthday I made them all a Cinnamon roll breakfast.  They had never had Cinnamon rolls.  It was a good time, fun people and good food!

 Office Elder's had this surprise for us in the Office.  I brought them a pan of Cinnamon Rolls too.  They were pretty happy!
Edson is President Executive Secretary in the Mission Presidency.  He is a great man.  He taught us how to use this grill that we have never used and didn't know how.  We cooked meat there.  This is what Brazilian's call a Barbecue, cooking meat on a great and lots of it! 

 Our cute neighbors Michael and Patricia
Food that went with the meat.  Salad, Rice and Tomatoes and Cabbage Salad.  Also made them some Cornbread w/ honeybutter.  That was a big hit.
We invited the Goncalves family.  The mom Teresa is in the white shirt.  They have 3 sons.  In the picture Jefferson in the red and Jaderson in the Brown.  Jackson and the Dad were working.  They are such a cute family. They were baptized 10 years ago while living in Caceres.  They were very active while living there.  They moved to Cuiaba and the church was very far from their house.  They do not own a car, only a motorcyle.  We met this family because their sons work at the grocery store "Big Lar" where we shop.  They saw our name plaque.  This began our relationship in finding this family.  We love this family.  We are in the beginnings to this family returning to the church.  It is a wonderful time.
President and Sister Francis Moreis of the Cuiaba Stake
 The Birthday kids!   This year we are President-60 and I-59  Happy Years Old
Patricia and Micael live in our building.  We have just become friends and have done a few social things together.  
They are not members but we have share some messages with them
 A fun time what had by all! 

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