Friday, September 6, 2013

New Missionaries - Sept 2013

New Missionaries

We were to receive 7 New Missionaries
2 Brazilian, 1 Columbia, 1Paraguay, 1 Peru,  1 Bolivia and 1 US.
We love receiving our new Missionaries.  We need them all 
Currently we have 132 Missionaries, 23 Sisters and 109 Elders
We currently have 25+ Missionaries serving in the States while waiting for the Visa's
  We have had many prayers in our behalf of this problems.  This past Fast Sunday we had a special Fast for our Visa Waiters.  Saturday as we began our fast we received an email from SLC that 3 Visa's were granted and we added 3 more onto the list of our new arrivals
Just a 'tender mercy' that the Lord is mindful of us.

10 New Missionaries

We love this day when New Missionaries arrive
 We have a lunch at the church and go thru an orientation with them, they meet their trainers, then off they go to their 1st area!

 7 New Missionaries in the Morning

 2 more in the afternoon

 then 1 more Sister the next day - lots of trips to the airport but we got them all here and love it! 

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