Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Missionaries
January 2014

What a great way to start off  New Year!  Receiving New Missionaries! 
Receiving this group of 13 Missionaries was no easy task.  Seven were coming from the US and 6 from the MTC in São Paulo.  There was freezing temperature, ice storms and wind chills -48 degrees, in the US mid-west which shut down airports causing delay after delay.  Our plans were changing by the minutes as we would get updates from Church Travel.  Slowly and one by one each Missionary would make it but it took 6 flights to get them all here.  Right now it is no easy task to get to the airport and is a single lane in and out of the Airport.  We opted to stay in the Airport waiting another hour for another flight bringing a Missionary,  Then we would wait another hour and another hour for more flights.  It would be easier than trying to  and from of the airport.   One by one and over a three day span we received our Missionaries.  We fed them a sandwich from the Airport!  Hows that for your first food in Brazil?......airport food!  No worries they will have a lot of time to eat plenty of Brazil food.  In this Mission we have to roll with change!  Often times it is just not easy to get here and there.   Still,  this group was worth the wait!  We are excited to receive them all!  We are grateful they are here!

Even with this New group of Missionaries our total number is at 134!  We have tried to increase this number but due to the 28 still waiting for their Visa's we continue to hold at this #.   Our Missionaries are working hard and the Spirit of the Lord is moving this Work forward!  It is a great time to be Serving!  We love them all! 

Loading the Van

President Reber,  Waiting the arrival of our Missionaries! 

 Lunch with New Missionaries and their Traner's

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