Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ramona and Vera

We will never forget these sweet Sisters.  They are mother, daughter.  Ramona, the mother, lives in Tangarra.  She is a member but we do not have missionaries in this city.  Vera is the daughter and she is from Ponta Pora where we have missionaries.  
Their husband/father is very ill in the hospital here in Cuiaba.  They traveled by bus from their city.  It is probably a 20 hr to travel by bus to get to Cuiaba.  They had no place to stay so we opened the Mission Home to them.  Little did we know that they would do more us than we would ever could ever do for them. They gave us the opportunity to Serve.  President Reber had the opportunity to give them both a Priesthood blessing.   It was an opportunity to give shelter, food, comfort, and aid.   Sunday we took them to Church with us.  It was testimony meeting and Vera, the daughter bore a sweet testimony.

They commented that they loved the music playing in the Mission Home.  It was comforting, relaxing and quiet.  Today is Tuesday and the Hospital  has arranged that they can stay in a room there and be close to their loved one.  It will be much better for them.  As they were leaving I hugged them and said "I will always always remember you"!  I gave them a cd of instrumental lds music.   These 2 Sisters did more for us than we did for them, they gave us the opportunity to Serve our Savior !  Sweet experience
Matthew 25:40,  Mosiah 2:17

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