Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Vivian's Visit 

When President Reber served 40 years ago as a Missionary, he taught Vivian's family, in Porta Algre.  It was then in the Brazil South Mission and covered all the Area's in the South. She was 11 years old when he served there.  In 1979 she was in High School.  She went to the United States for her last year of HS and 1st year of College, She learned English.  She returned to Porto Algre, married.  Her husband Fernando and her have a family, son and daughter.   Vivian teaches English classes and has taught for 30 years.  She is a sweetheart and we love her.  We have kept a close friendship with her over the past 40 years.  She wanted to visit us during our Mission here and came last week.  We had a wonderful time with her.  She gave me a Portuguese lesson every day! 

 Welcome to Cuiaba Vivian
 Meeting with some of our missionaries
 How many ways to say YOU in Portuguese
 Chapada's with Vivian

attending the Verdão Ward 

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