Saturday, February 22, 2014

Zone Conferences


We do 2 Zones at a time.  We travel to the Zones over an area roughly covering 2000 miles.

Zone Conference is a great time with our Missionaries.  
We do Trainings, Contact Practicing,  Health Segments.   Sister Leaders and the Assistance's do a Training.  President Reber concludes the AM and PM with him remarks, teaching and challenges to our Missionaires.  
This Conference we did a segment of Missionary Attire.  I wrote the segment and the Assistance's present it.  The Area Presidency asked us to go over this in our last Seminar.  There are many little things with the Elders and Sisters that is good to go over.
We also had Cleaning Supplies for the missionaries to take home with them.
We celebrate Birthdays too.
 We conclude the Conference then the Missionaries head to the Bus Stations to catch their bus back to their Area.  Some of them travel anywhere from 3- 15 hrs on bus to attend the Conference then have another 3 - 15 hr bus ride home!

Zones in the North 
Cuiaba, Caceres, Rondonopolis, Lucas, Sorriso, Sinop, Varzea Grande

 Q&A with the Assistance and Sister Leaders

 Zones in the South
Campo Grande, Aquidauana, Ponta Pora, Dourados,  Manacaju

 Ponta Pora
This cute couple is Serving the Mission by helping us with the up keep with the housing
 Sister's in Campo Grande

 Sister Leader Training

 Cleaning Supplies

 Birthday Celebrations
(my apologies to the Birthday pictures for the North, They got lost in the transferring of pictures from the camera to computer)

 Our Assistance - We have 2 in the North MT and 2 in the South MT do Sul

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