Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Missionaries 

February 18, 2014

Picking up new Missionaries is one of my favorite days.  We received 17 new Missionaries.  10 came from the CTM (MTC)8 Brazilian and 2 Americans in São Paulo and 7 from the US!  8 Brazilians and 9 Americans.  

Our New Missionaries from the CTM (MTC) in São Paulo.   The white shirts are their Trainers.  New Sister Missionaries are with their Trainers

We loved watching this group getting off the plane.  We were watching from the airport and watching them taking this picture 

  It is an all day process picking them up as the Airport is being remodeled and the single lane dirt road in and out of the airport is very congested!  
7 coming from the US missed their connecting flight.  It was 11 pm when they finally arrived.  We were so happy to see them walk off the plane.   
This is a great group of needed Elder's  - Welcome to Cuiaba!  Land of HOT AND HOTTER!  

 Luggage damage in route

 Our New Group from the US,  kneeling in front are the 2 Office Elder and 2 Assistance.

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