Sunday, March 16, 2014

Specialized Training with the Sister Missionaries

When we first arrived in the Mission we only had 8 Sister in the Cuiaba Mission.  We now have 28 Sister's.  We have Sister Leaders now who do divisions with the others Sisters.  Sister's can learn how to set goals and plan from eachother.  It is great!  Because of this we decided to have a Specialized Training with just the Sisters.  It was sure a great time being together.  We talked about Chapter 6 of PMG, the Attributes of Christ and closed the training with a song from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir "More Holiness give me".  There were many tears! These Sister's add a dimension to the Work here.  
We love each one of them!  
 Sister's in the North of the Mission

Sisters in the South of the Mission
 Sisters Puckett, Pence and Kimball
Sister Leaders Sister's Puckett and Cuyubamba
 Sister's Mota and Puckett
 Sister's Kimball and Pence
Sister Cuyubamba

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