Friday, January 23, 2015

Christmas in Cuiabá
December 2014

Christmas in Cuiabá is very Hot!  The weather is generally always 100+ degress.  Lights and Decorations are found in the Stores and Malls.  We do not see Outside Lights on homes.  Christmas trees in homes are usually just a small size tree that sits on a table or in the corner of the room.  It is celebrated very simple here.  It's a very simple way of life.
In the center of Cuiabá there is a Park or Plaza.  Here the city had a large Nativity set up and lights on the trees. It was the only place in the city that you could see the decorations.  Santa was there and the little children also tell Santa what they are hoping for. We went there on Christmas eve to enjoy the people and decorations of the Christmas.  Across the street there is a large Catholic Church where people had gathered for midnight Mass.  Christianity is strong here. 

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