Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fruits of her labor

Elder Neves
In the first transfer, Elder Neves, a new missionaries was sent to São. Mateus. One day at a member's home, Sister Angela began to talk about her mission, specifically about a large family that she helped teach and they were baptized in the city of Guarujá. As the family of Elder Neves is from there, he wrote his sister asking the name of the missionary. She could not remember, but I had some photos. Seeing the pictures, Elder Neves recognized his grandparents, uncles, aunts,  and parents. He served in Sãå Mateus only for one transfer, but it was enough to show the Lord loves us and cares for us. The sister, who taught the family of Elder Neves family now has been blessed by the fruits of her labor. 

Elder J. Santos - is one of our Brazilian missionaries.  He hasn't been here long but was having some health problems with his eyes.   The glasses would cost him $500.  The mission funds do not pay for glasses so we encouraged him to try and get some help from his Home Ward and family from home.  We agreed to help him if he could come up with part of the funds for the cost.  He has been praying what to do and how to find the money for new glasses.  After several weeks or so he shared with us this experience.  "Not know what to do or how I could come up with the money, one day I was going thru my wallet and found an old CC that I had forgotten about.   I didn't even remember having it.   I took the card to the bank to see if there was any money in the acct.  When I checked discovered there was $500 in this acct!!!!!    I was able to afford to get my glasses"  There are many blessings that come to us as we have Faith.  Prayer is real!   When you ask with sincere faith, miracles happen in ways we least expect.

Obediance brings forth blessings, Exact Obediance brings Miracles 

Elder Russell M. Nelson

The following is a letter written to President.  We love it when letters come in like this, read on...
"During this week we had been focusing on helping people go to church. We had visited 24 people and all of them had said they would go to church. I was very excited about the possibility of having a bunch of investigators come. Right now the rainy season is starting. Sunday morning I woke up to hear rain falling very hard outside. This makes it very hard for people to walk, ride bikes and motorcycles to church. I knew that if it continued to rain, not one investigator would come. But then some words that President Reber had told us came into mind. "You can have a miracle any day you want, you just need to plan for it and do your part." So I got out of bed and went to a secluded spot and said a prayer. I told Heavenly Father that we had a lot of investigators that needed to come to church and that I wanted to pray for a miracle that the rain would stop by 7:30 AM and that people would come to church. I told Heavenly Father that I would act as best I could to do my part to make this miracle happen. 7:30 arrived and it was still raining. I got my rain coat, my umbrella and told my companion to get his two umbrellas and that we would go and give two umbrellas to two of investigators and walk with them to church. It would take 30 mins. to walk to our area and then 30 minutes walking back to church. So off we went in the rain. As we were walking, 7:45 the rain stopped, 7:55 the clouds were already breaking up. We began calling all of our investigators to wake them up and remind them about church. We picked up our two investigators (we did not need the umbrellas after all) and headed to the meeting. Imagine our surprise when we arrived there to see four more our our investigators there. Then three more arrived. Then a less-active member and her non-member husband who we have been teaching arrived on their bikes. And at last one of two recent converts that we have in our area. It was a really neat thing. The meeting started and the clouds gathered again and it rained again. The meeting ended, the rain stopped again and everyone was able to go home without any problem. It was a cool thing to see. By praying and asking specifically for a miracle and then acting the best we could, there was nothing that could stop Heavenly Father from letting the miracle happen. Until we were prepared to walk the whole way in the rain, but the Lord truly blessed us with a very tender mercy. We were able to mark three baptism dates yesterday just because of these people coming to church. I love Elder V. Alves. He was totally game to walk in the rain for an hour to go pick up these two investigators of ours. We are really enjoying being companions."

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