Thursday, February 5, 2015

 January 8, 2015
I want to share an experience that recently happened to our little grandson Cole.  It isn't a Missionary experience but a special 'tender mercy' for me.  It reminds me always that the Lord is watching over our loved ones in our absence from home and family.

Cole is 5 years old.  Two months ago Cole lost his favorite train "Billy" when he was playing in the dirt of a house being built across the street.  In need of help he ran to his Mom with the problem.  In her words "We searched, dug up, raked up and retraced tracks over and over multiple days. Each time Cole would kneel in the dirt and say a little prayer asking Heavenly Father for help. Time passed and soon it had been 2 months.  Even after several attempts to find Billy, many prayers, Billy still remained missing.  This morning I noticed there was a bobcat tractor across the street leveling the front yard and thought it was for sure Billy was a goner.  I slipped out of the house anyway to ask the workers if they would just keep an eye out for it. They chuckled at me but said they would ( you know with one of those eye rolls-you're a crazy lady looks). This afternoon we found billy sitting in our front door side window! It was a big moment as I have been trying to plant seeds of faith with this particular child."   
I am grateful for this my grandson Cole who at the tender age of 5 learned a valuable lesson about prayer.  I am grateful today for his young mother who prayed to know and was inspired by a quiet thought in answer to his little prayer!   There is no prayer to small!

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