Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mission Presidents Seminar
São Paulo, Brasil
February 19-22
Arriving a day early, President and I attended a session in the São Paulo Temple.  We were in a session with missionaries from the MTC in SP!  While in the Temple we see one of our Missionaries.  Natan Gonçalves.  Natan has been home for about 2 years and is married now.  We met his wife and her mother.  What a thrill to see him again!
He served as one of our Assistance.
Natan said while in the Temple he asked the front desk "Are there any Mission Presidents here?"  The front desk clerk replied "only one, Cuiaba"  Natan immediately found President Reber in the locker room!  It was so awesome!
 Natan Gonçalves, one of our missionaries! (above)
Natan Gonçalves, his wife and her mother(below)

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