Monday, March 9, 2015

 This week in our MLT,  President  asked the missionaries if they were exercising? Just what we thought, very little exercising going on in the MIssion. They admit that they do not do it! Probably only 5% of our missionaries exercise at all. He then asked how many push-up they could do? When he get's to the one that can do the most he asks him to come up to the front, takes off his suitcoat and hit the floor. After that I said to the missionaries "What about President?" They all whoop and hollar when President Reber takes off his suitcoat and shows them 46 push-up! They loved it! It was pretty fun! He impressed them all. They all comment that they are going to start!
Very Impressed with these 50 push-ups these Elder pumped out!  

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