Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mission Story
March 4, 2015
This YM's name is Isaque.  It was probably 10 months ago that President Reber and I were in Caceres.  We were out in the Plaza. He worked in a restaurant there and happened to notice us.   Isaque is a baptized member.  He was baptized in Campo Grande and since, moved to Caceres.    He came up to us and asked if we were the Mission President?  We said "yes". then he started telling us his story.  Since he moved to Caceres he hasn't been active.  He didn't know if the Church was in Caceres.  He was excited to see us there and to know that there is a Branch herein Caceres.  We took his name and contact information and gave it to the Branch Mission Leader.  This week we were in Caceres again attending their Branch weekly activity.  Isaque was there also.  Today Isaque is preparing to serve a Mission.  We were so excited to see him!  Stories like this are awesome! 

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