Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March 29, 2015
added to the Brazil Cuiabá Mission

Corumbá Brasil, Sunday it became officially part of our Mission. For years Coumbá has been in the Bolivia Mission because it is just across the border to Bolivia. Their missionaries from the Bolivia Mission speak Spanish and all their supplied come in Spanish, not Portuguese. They have wanted to be in a Brazil Mission. Last year we started the application with Church Leaders to bring Corumbá into our Mission. Not an easy thing to do to change the boundaries to 2 Missions in 2 different Countries. This isn't the first time to try either. Finally last month we received the good news that it was approved. Last weekend we went to Corumba. The President of the Bolivia Santa Cruz Mission, President and Sister Willard, met us there and we spent a day together. It was an amazing meeting with the Branch there, not soon to be forgotten. Corumbá is now in the Brazil Cuiabá Mission.  Here are some pictures. President and Sister Willard are from Gilbert, AZ!   It was a great day together.  
President and Sister Willard of the Bolivia Santa Cruz Mission
President and Sister Reber of the Cuiaba Brazil Mission
2 Missions, 2 Countries, 1 City

 Missionaries and Mission Presidents of Brazil and Bolivia
History was made today as Corumbâ became part of the Cuiabá Brazil Missionã
 With our Elders - Elder Johnson and Elder Viana
 With both Mission Presidents and the Branch Presidents family

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