Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mission Story and Tender Mercy
April 5, 2015

Sister Harris is one of our Senior missionaries.  She and Elder Harris work in the Mission Office.  Sister Jimenez (red) is a Sister who going home.  Sister Jimenez is from Peru.  The connection they made with Sister Jimenez and the daughter of Sister Harris is a precious story.  An experience that connected the last day of the Mission for Sister Jimenez!  When they shared it with me, I asked Sister Harris to please write in down so I could share on my blog.  Here are her words

General Conference is my favorite time of year and for us it is family time.  So I was missing my family just a little. Sister Jimenez came in for her transfer home two days early so she could watch general conference and we were blessed to house her.  She is a beautiful person inside and out and we started asking her about where she was from in Peru.  My daughter Jenny was in Peru with a humanitarian service experience about six years ago.  We discovered Jenny served near her little village and attended the same branch. Sister Jimenez remembered Jenny and those who served with her.  They had been with her in her home. At the time Sister Jimenez was sixteen and in young womens.  The young women were having an activity making fancy hair accessories she wanted Jenny to come but jenny had to teach a nutrition class at that time so sister Jimenez made one for her.  So we skyped Jenny between conference sessions and they had a tender experience reminiscing.  Jenny still had the hair accessory and showed her. It was so fun for all of us.  It was Heavenly Fathers gift to me to be with Sister Jimenez and hug her as she spoke to my daughter.  The magic of the mission is real and it seems that tender mercies are ever present. 

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