Wednesday, January 16, 2013

 Cute family in the Sinop Branch.  The little girl in front is Brenda.  The little girl pink dress came up to me and said in English words "I Love You".  I was so surprised to hear English words.  Her mother knows a little English and taught them to her.  These people are so beautiful!
 Elders in Sinop.  The YM in the white shirt is a member of the Branch
 4 Elders in Lucas, Assistants and our Trainers.  The youngman in the middle is the son of the Branch President.  His name is Hyrum Smith
above- Branch President with a few of the Elders

 below- Elders in Lucas

 above-Brenda  I love this girl the instant I met her!
below- my cute little friends in Sinop
 This boy just turned 12 - He was so proud that the Sunday we were there he was given the Priesthood.
He told us that he has memorized the Article of Faith and recited the 4th one for us 

This was a youth choir - They were practicing for the musical number for our Fireside in Sinop

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