Wednesday, January 23, 2013

P-Day with the Elders in Caceres
House of Alligator
This is the only Alligator Ranch in the World
They ship alligator skins all over from here.  
There are literally thousands of gators out here
It was a fun day!
 l-r Elders Shirley, Veras, President, Curtis, Miguel, in front l-r Marcello(Branch member), Elders Moraes, and Marque. 
The man in the stripe shirt is a member of the Branch in Careres. He brought us to this place to show
 This is for my grandson's back home 
I found an Alligator!  
 I think I'll name him....Harvey!  
Elder Shirley
Elder Curtis,  Shirley and Veras

Elders Miquel, Marque, and Shirley

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