Wednesday, January 9, 2013

 Rice Krispie Treats were a big Hit!   Thanks to my Sister-in-law from home that sent the cereal and marshmallows.  It was an unexpected treat for the Missionaries! 
 Zone Traning in Rondonopolis - January 2013
 Happy Elders with Packages from home - January 4, 2013
 Elder White's will be leaving the Mission for home next week.  He is leaving mid transfer to start get into school.  We took him out to the Chapada's!  It is something that they all look forward to.

 Elder Louza (his comp) Elder Stipanich (AP) Elder White (departing Elder) Elder Olson (AP)
 Elder white

above:  Finally words of advice from President Reber 

below:The "Yippee - I did it" jump! 


If you look closely over the horizon and to the right you can see the city of Cuiaba!  This is the first time being out here that it has been clear enough to see the city.

 Beautiful Brasil!   

In the tree to the left there is a Red Arara. 

President and Sister Reber   

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