Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Alta Floresta
means tall forest
 It is legally in the Amazon.  Very beautfiul there.  We opened this city up to the Church in February, sending for the first time a set of Missionaries.  Started what is called a Group.  A Group is smaller than a Branch.  Their meetings consist only of Sacrament meeting.    We found a family there who have lived there for 17 years.  Both the Mom and Dad are Returned Missionaries.  They have prayed and hoped that someday the Church would come to this city.  They are beyond Joy knowing that this day has come.  There is an interesting story with this family.   They have a family of one daughter and 2 sons, the daughter being the oldest, ages appx 20, 17, 15.  Two years ago the daughter died in a tragic/sad accident.   It has been a struggle for the parents and the void of the Church in their lives was magnified!  To say that they feel Joy for this day does not even touch the emotion they feel.  The Church has finally come to Alta Floresta.  President and I had the privledge to fly to Alta Floresta and attend the Group meeting.  It is held in the house of the member family.    The missionaries have been busy trying to find more members here.    When President and I were there we made 5 visits with the missionaries,  15 attended the Group meeting that Sunday.  The two sons were baptized two weeks ago and this Sunday they received the Aaronic Priesthood.   President Reber ordained both ym after the meeting.  It was a joyful day in Alta Floresta.

 The Group of 15 that attending Sacrament meeting. 
from my journal
Two weeks later, they Missionaries called us.  they had 25!  Missionaries are so excited and so are we.  

 Lucas and Moroni received the Aaronic Priesthood
 The de Santos family

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