Monday, April 7, 2014

EFY in Brazil

March 2014

The Church just recently conducted the 1st ever EFY or FSY in the Country of Brazil.
17 EFY's involving 8000 youth throughout Brazil. 

This first two weeks in Brazil is the celebration of Carnival.  We do not get the celebration in Cuiaba like they do in Rio and the Coastal cities.  Carnival is always 1 month before Easter.
During week of Carnival schools are out and everything is closed!   The Church took the youth throughout Brazil to the First ever EFY.  Here they call it FSY!  The Church brought EFY to the youth here.  In our Mission Boundaries 500 of the Youth participated.  It is amazing to be here.  We weren't involved only to hear and feels of the excitement around the Wards and Branches here!   There was a lot of press coverage too.  While in Ponta Pora I visited with 2 ym, age 16 who participated in it.  I asked them how they like it.  I didn't understand all their words but know what maravilhoso and excelente mean (Wonderful and excellent).  Then one of the ym sat down and preceded to describe the Spirit that he felt.  I do not understand all their words but I understand the tears that trickled down his face! Emotions are the Universal Language!   It was really awesome for him to share a personal experience.

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