Monday, April 7, 2014

District Conference in Rondonopolis

Rondonnopolis is a City of about 80k people.  There are 3 Branches here.  It is an area that is to small to be a Stake so is a District.  They function under the direction of the Mission.  So the Mission President acts as the Stake President.  We love this District and the Church is growing here and the cities around.  At the Conference President re organized the Disitrict Presidency and the Branch Presidency of the 3rd Ward.  It was such a great Conference!
We love these people!  
 This is the Group that was organized 1 year ago.  The Group started with 2 families.  Now they have a Group of 40+ who attend each week in a little School Classroom that the missionaries were able to find.  The school is not charging the Church anything to use this classroom each Sunday.  Prima Vera is about a 2 hr drive from Rondonopolis.  Bus is the means of transporation.  The Group rented this School Bus to bring the Group to the District Conference.  It was such a beautiful sight to see faces that we knew and now new faces!  We were so Thrilled to see this Group who now soon will become a Branch!
 Branch President Lazaro
  Is this So. Africa, Brazil or the US.
Here a lady from So. Africa Kristy, Sister Reber from the US meet in Brazil!    
This is Kristy.  She speak no Portuguese, only English.  Her husband who is Brazilian moved them to Rondonopolis only a few months ago.  We instantly had a connection with our common English Language and the Church in common
Two Ladies from across different Continents meet! 
This is Kristy husband with President Reber

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