Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Missionaries
This is a favorite day of ours
April 1, 2014 - no foolin
received 20 new Missionaries, 
14 today in the morning,
 2 more Sisters arrived in the afternoon
 and 4 Elders from the US arrived 2 weeks later
Our biggest group to date

6  New Sister Missionaries
 14 New Missionaries

 New Sisters with their trainers
 8 new Elders.  
The Elders in white shirt are 3 of their trainers.  Our Mission is so large that we can not bring all the Trainers into Cuiaba

 These 2  Sisters arrived on another flight in the afternoon

Two weeks later we receive 4 American Elders, bringing the total of New Missionaries to 20!  
The airport is a small airport.  
We like to go upstairs and watch the plane, bringing our New Missionaries, land. 
 We can see the missionaries de board the plane, arriving to their Mission! 

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