Saturday, June 20, 2015

Alta Floresta Branch
June 14, 2015
Alta Floresta becomes a Branch.  
This is the 1st Branch in AF so it is an Historical moment here and in the Mission.
54 were in attendance to this 1st Branch Sacrament meeting.  The people here are beautiful!  Very special to be apart of this historical day.
It is also our LAST time to be here.

(above)  New Branch President Paulo da Santos (middle) and his Branch Secretary Bro. Marcelo da Silva (left).

Both these two have the same name Bruna.  They want to serve missions.
This is Mateus (Matthew).  He is 84 years old.  He walks every week to attend Sacrament meeting, a 100%er! Never misses.   He is awesome.
We have 4 missionaries in Alta Floresta.  It was good to be with them! We have many others who have served here in the last 18 months that it has been a Group, looking from a far and knowing they were apart of this History here.  It is a happy moment and just the beginning of the Church in Alta Floresta

New Branch President Paulo and his wife Elizete have also become dear friends.  Paulo gave this gift to President Reber.  It is a handmade briefcase.  A Treasure! 

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