Thursday, June 25, 2015

Missão Brasil Cuiabá
Nearly every week for the past 3 years (2012-15) this has been our view from the air.  We access 60% of our mission by air and 40% by car.  This is our view as we travel throughout our Mission!  The Air is a great way to travel but our experiences don't always run smooth.  We have dealt with Flight delays and cancelled flights only to make other arrangements and adjust our schedule.  To say that this has been 'an adventure' is a accurate statement - Our Mission is a daily adventure here in this Cuiabá Mission!  
The Lord is blessing this land.  
His work is moving forward. 
We love this mission!  
We love our missionaries!   
We love our experiences here!  
best mission in the World!

 it has been the view from the car window!  We pass by fields of Corn, Soy, Cotton, Sugar cane and cattle.  The fields go for hundreds of miles.  Brazil is rich in resources.  We see beautiful birds, alligators and monkeys and the Trucks!
Either way of travel, We see the beautiful inland country of Brazil.  
it has been a treasured experience!  Best Mission in the World

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