Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Missionary Experience
June 6, 2015 
"A Door Opened"

Last week missionaries called President with a problem.  It was a Saturday.  They had decided that they were looking for someone to help.  They prayed and asked for the Lord to help them find someone to bless.   They were out working and passed by a member.  They asked if there was anyone who needed help and/or blessing.  The woman said he knew a less-active family who had a son, age 22, dying from cancer.  We will call him Juan however that is not his real name
1. They decided to go to the house of this family to visit Juan.  They found out that Juan 
was  in the hospital 1 1/2 away by car so by bus, it is twice the time.  Our Elder's are always on foot. They began trying to find someone to help give them a ride to the 
2. They called the Bishop he was busy and could not help

3. They called the Elders Quorum President, he was busy and could not help

4. They called another member only to find out he did not have a car. 
The member said that he would go with them on the bus.
5.  They called President for help.  President was not in the city.  He suggested them to
take a taxi and the Mission would reimburse the expense.   
6.  As it worked out the member who did not have a car called back.  He was able to borrow a car to take the Elder's to the hospital.  They walked into the hospital room of the Juan. Juan was in an extreme amount of pain and surrounded by his family.   The Elder's visited then told them they had come to give Juan a blessing.  They did so then left.  
Sunday the next day, they heard that Juan had diied early Sunday Morning.  They went to the house of the family.  The grandmother answered the door.  She was overpouring with love seeing the Elders.  She shared the following
She said that after the Elders had left the pain of Juans went away.  Juan was able to open his eyes, to visit and talk with his family with no pain.   They joked and laughed together.  Early Sunday Morning,  Juan quietly passed away.  The grandmothers said, this time together with Juan without pain brought so much comfort and peace for the family. 
Just to have Juan's last day with no pain.

I am always so grateful when the missionaries share with us their stories and experiences.  I love to write them down to remember the Lord is blessing this land, he is blessing our missionaries.    The Elder's could have gotten discouraged when they could not find a ride to the hospital but they kept trying and "a door opened".   Something that seems like it should be so easy took determination.    Here our missionaries walk everyday all day.  They have to depend and figure out a way.  It is a test to listen to the Spirit and trust in the Lord promptings, then to do.  Today it took Elder's who had prepared before they left their house and asked the Lord to guide them.  As President Costa always says "their story is not over"

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