Sunday, June 21, 2015

Campo Verde
June 21, 2015

We only have a few Sundays left and we opted to spend today with the Group in Campo Verde!  Wonderful wonderful people here.  The members of the church here are a delightful people.  Attendance was 43.   It started 18 months ago with a family of 6.  With help from this family and great missionaries, it is growing.  They insisted that we stay for lunch -We love their Brazilian Food Rice, Feijoada, Pineapple, shredded Cabbage!  It was delcious.
They gave a special gift - We love it
There are no words to express how we feel about our Mission, 
How we feel about the people and 
How we feel about this land. 

José e Eliete M. Alves
Presented us with this gift and they all signed the back!

(below) This is a cute family has a beautiful story.  Tina, the Mom (in white)is a member and so are the children.  Her husband is not.  Before living in Campo Verde she livedE for 10 years in a city that the Church was not.  For 10 years she would read everyday to her children from the Book of Mormon, teaching them about Gospel.  When they moved to Campo Verde last year, they saw the missionaries walking down the street.  Tina asked her husband to stop the car.  She got out and asked if the Church was in Campo Verde.  We had just opened the city to missionaries and started a Group.  She was overjoyed.   She has been attending with her family every week.  Their Story is not over
Eliete M Alves

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