Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Branch Conference
May 24, 2015

We travel 2 1/2 hrs this morning to attend the Branch Conference in Primavera!  Having just returned home from another road trip to our Branch in Caceres (3 hr drive), President asked me "can we do it, get up early and get to this Branch Conference?"  I answers "yes we can"!   
Just a little history about this Branch.  3 years ago when we arrived on our Mission, there was not a Branch there.  We found 2 families that were members.  President opened a Group there.  He put 2  missionaries there.  The Group grew and members of the church, families have moved to Primavera.  Last year we received permission to make this Group a Branch and today it has been a Branch for 1 years.  This was the Branches 1st Branch Conference.  It was really a privilege and very special experience to attend.  Good things are happening in Primavera.  The Lord is blessing them for their pioneering efforts there.  Just like when the Pioneer came across the plains it was not without hardship and sacrifice so the same is in this interior of Brazil.  These members are pioneering the Church here.  It is not without difficulty and discouragement!  The Lord makes us stronger thru our challenges.  We are so proud of the members of the church in Primavera!  
Today we have 4 missionaries in Primavera and a Branch.  Today there was approximately 65 in attendance at this Branch Conference.

This is the members of the Branch and District Presidency.  They are awesome! 

Primavera is the smallest Zone in the whole Mission.  We just made it a Zone recently to put concentrated effort between Primavera and Campo Verde!  The whole Zone was in attendance at this Branch Conference.  It was so awesome!

The woman on my left is from Bolivia.  I tried really hard to speak with them and it was fun to mix our languages.  The next day Sister Kleinhenz sent me this message.  

Sister Reber
Yesterday when you were bearing your testimony.... I felt so so strongly that there was someone right beside you. I don't know who it was but i felt it SO strongly.
Sister Reber thank you so much for coming. Thank you for deciding to serve and thank you for being our MOM here. We can feel your love and it helps us push through.
Watching you interact with the Bolivians yesterday was incredible. I don't understand them in anyway but you showed them PERFECTLY the love that Christ has for them.
Sister Reber Thank you for being an example for all of us. Thank you for showing us how to be. Thank you for your testimony and your love for the Savior.   I love you so so much. Sister Kleinhenz

I wrote this back to her

Thank you Sister Kleinhenz for sharing this with me.  When I look back at these last 3 years I know that the Lord has carried me.  There is no other explanation!.   Just as you missionaries do, I have prayed earnestly everyday.  I take my calling very seriously as each missionary is very important not only to me but to the Lord.  He has entrusted me with your care.  Sometimes when I sit down after giving a talk I ask myself 'how did I do that?"  then I know that is was with the Lords help.  It is really true that if you study and pray the Lord will give you the words at the very hour, what to say!   The Lord has made us that promise and he will always keep his end!    So for you to say that you felt that someone was right beside me,  I do not doubt your words.  We are so close to the Spirit while serving the Lord and he is so close to us.  When you return home, you will miss this but you will treasure the experience of having had it!  Right girl?  Love you so much,  Sister Reber 

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