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May 26, 2015 
This isn't a Mission experience but a Family experience and one that we are extremely blessed by.   It is about Tommy.  He is the 3 year old in the picture.  Mason, on the right is the 8 year brothers and Cole is 5 year brother. The following is the story

              Angels seen and unseen

President and I had just returned to the Mission Home from the Mission Office.  I had the thought to 'call you daughters'. I have two daughters Cherin and Julie.  I called Cherin and no one answered.  I called Julie and when she answered the phone I could tell that something was wrong.  She was sobbing and couldn't speak because of her tears.  My heart was beating and my began racing with what it could be.  She finally was able to talk and told me that there had been a tragedy in the family.  here is the story

It was the 1st day of summer, school being out.  She was swimming at a friends house with her 3 little boys.  Tommy had gone into the shallow end of the pool then stepped off into the deep.   Julie was near by and on the phone with Dallen (her brother) Dallen had just pulled into town, from BYU.  She said she was telling him that she wasn't home.  She dropped her cell phone when Mason started screaming for her. She thought she ended the call but Dallen could hear everything that was happening and knew something was very wrong.   Julie ran to the pool.  Tommy was blue, not breathing and unresponsive.  She immediately started CPR.  He still didn't start breathing,  She kept doing CPR and Mason was crying and screaming for Tommy to be OK.   Dallen knew there was something wrong because he could hear everything from the phone.  He called Brock(Julie's husband) and asked him where Julie would be and that he thought something was very wrong. Brock immediiately went home.   Dallen said he asked a little girl in the neighborhood if she knew where they were swimming.  About that time he saw the Ambulance pull into the neighborhood and followed it.  Julie said the Dallen came charging into the backyard and scooped up Mason telling him that everything was going to be ok all the while he was sobbing.  Dallen is at Julie's house with Mason and Cole.  Julie and Brock are at the hospital with Tommy.  They are running tests and will know more tomorrow. When we facetimed last night, Our oldest son, Leon, and his wife and daughter, Callie and Camryn were with them at the hospital.  Brock and Leon had given Tommy a blessing.  Dallen was bringing Mason and Cole to the hospital.  I am so grateful for family, the love and support of eachother in time of need,  and the power of the Priesthood.  It gives me comfort when we are so far aways that you are a strength to eachother.   Please have a family prayer for him. 
Tommy remain unconscience most of the day but began to open his eyes.  He was responding to their questions and all the tests were coming in very positive.  After a nights stay in the hospital they next day he woke up and wanted to go home to play with his toys!
Everything is good, much better and normal!   
Julie asked me later "Mom,  "How did you know to call?".  "I don't know", I replied "it was just a thought to call".  But I really do know that the Spirit was telling me that to.  I knew that Julie needed me.  I wanted to be there with her to comfort and give strength but I am grateful for the Angels that surrounded them both seen and unseen!  And I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has taught us so much from this experience 

The next morning

Pictures taken May 16, 2015
Payson Temple Openhouse  - a day with this Forever family

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