Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 28, 2015  
Our last Sunday of our Mission we spent with our District in Rondonopolis at their District Conference.  It was amazing to be with them.  Knowing that we may never see these faces again is sad for us.  We miss our Brazilian friends already! 
 District President and Counselor
This man is a special friend of mine. He is the father of the District President here.  His name is Bro. Oliveira.  He will always be an eternal, forever friend.  
He was in tears at our Departing!  We will always remember him!
 Primavera Branch President with Counselor
The members of Primavera and Campo Verde have to rent a bus to attend.  To travel it is 2 hr bus ride.  That is what the members do who live in our Districts.
They are the most wonderful people!
 Our Mission singing us "Called to Serve" after the conference.  
We love our missionaries and we miss them already! 
President with some of the 'future missionaries' that want to grow up and serve missions someday! 

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